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Dr. Rajul Gajjar

Designation: Principal
Email ID: principal@ldce.ac.in
Department: Civil Engineering
CV: Principal's CV

Dr. Rajul Gajjar is working as a Principal at L. D. College of Engineering.She has been making invaluable contribution to the Engineering Profession since past 38 years. She Completed UG and PG from L D College of Engineering and Doctorate in Structural Disasters from M S University Baroda. She has to her credit publication of more than 66 National and International Research Papers, have authored 4 books and has published 3 Patents. She also has a granted patent for an invention entitled " Sand-Free Unfired bricks and manufacturing method thereof' granted on 26.7.21. Dr.Gajjar has supervised more than 30 PG and 8 Doctoral Students. She has lead more than 38 high end projects on International Collaborations, Centers of Excellence, Research Innovation, Accreditation and Ranking frameworks for Excellence in Engineering Education, Industry & Alumni Outreach, Internships, Faculty and Student Outcomes. She Was appointed as 1st Dean of GTU and subsequently Director Research, GTU. Member Academic & Research Councils of GTU. Dr.Gajjar has been a recipient of Major National awards by Institute of Engineers India as Eminent Civil Engineer, by NASSCOM and Higher Education for Leadership, by Hon. CM Gujarat for Best Innovation Practices, by Hon. HRD Minister for Best Paper at International Vibrant Education Summit. She is working closely with various bodies: WOSA (NBA), Institution of Engineers, GICEA, ISTE, GUJCOST, Indian Society for Earthquake Science, AMA, IITGN, IIMA. Dr. Rajul Gajjar has International exposure at USA, Canada, Hungary and Singapore.

Social Contacts


  • Teacher’s University

    Vice Chancellor Teacher’s Univ in 2018

  • Education Department, Government of Gujarat

    Additional Commissioner Education Dept, GoG 2017

  • Gujarat Technological University

    Officiating Vice Chancellor of GTU in 2016


  • M.S. University, Baroda

  • L.D.College of Engineering

  • L.D.College of Engineering

Paper Publication

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