LD@75 Outreach
Principal Dr R.K.Gajjar

Textile Technology is the study of various principles from engineering and scientific methodologies which are required for the processing and production of all kinds of textile yarns and fabrics from textile fibers. This discipline involves extensive study of chemical and physical principles, which is then utilized for the detailed study and analysis of the behavior of polymers involved in the formation of textile fiber. Considered to be the most innovative field in a scientific realm, Textile Engineering includes research and development, manufacturing and merchandising.

Fashion is an industry that will never go out of fashion. Hence, one can expect a speedy growth in textile industry. In fact, textile is one of the flourishing industries, catering to the needs and demands of both domestic and international market.Textile Engineering demands a lot of research, creativity and innovation, considering the demand for fashionable attire. Textile Technology Department in L.D.C.E covers modern spinning and weaving technology, technical textile, composites, garment manufacturing technology, fiber science, physical testing, computer aided designing and wet processing design.

Under Graduate/Post Graduate Courses

Name of Course Type Period (Years) Intake Year of Starting
Textile Technology UG 4 60 1977
Textile Engineering PG 2 18 2010


  • Sheth Kasturbhai Auditorium
  • Spinning Lab
  • Weaving Lab
  • Fabric Structure Lab
  • Physical Testing Lab
  • Computer Aided Textile Design Lab
  • Garment Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Processing Laboratory
  • Knitting Lab