LD@75 Outreach

L.D.College of Engineering has got the approval of assistance for incubation center under the scheme of Assistance for incubators and start ups with an estimated investment of Rs. 2.5 Crores from Director (IT & e-Governance), Government of Gujarat. The first disbursement of Rs. 12,50,000/- has been received on 20th March,2019 under the head of capital assistance. The center is functioning in the Room No 259 C in Water Resource Management.

L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad is herewith working for the establishment of following laboratories under the incubation center.

1. IoT (Internet of Things) Lab

2. Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Lab

3. Augmented reality and virtual reality - AR/VR Lab

4. VLSI & Embedded System Design Lab

The committee is working for procurement of following equipments and items.

Equipments Details

Sr No Item
1 Raspberry PI 3 (B+)Kit – (20 Kits) Raspberry PI B+ with Camera,LCD Screen, 16 GB SD Card ,CASE,PowerCables, HDMI Cable and Sensor Kit,LAN Cable, USB LAB Adapter, Power Suppl
2 Raspberry Pi 7TOUCH Touchscreen LCD Display to connect with DSI port (5 Nos) (5000 each)
3 Sensor Kit (Temperature and Humidity, Sound detection, PIR Motion, Ultrasonic, Proximity/Obstacle, Soil Moisture, Weather Shield, Accelerometer •Heart Bit Sensor, Pressure Sensor, DC Motor / Steper Motor, Gas Sensor (Smoke /LPG / Mythen / Coal), Light Sensor, Buzzer Module, IR Transmitter and receiver)and Motor Kit with Driver Ckt(Stepper Motor, Servo Motor ,DC Motor) (10 Kit Set –Each of Rs. 2000/- Approx)
4 Android Smart phone( 4 Nos)
5 Android Tablets (10 inches) (10 Nos)
6 Arduino Uno Rev3(10 Nos)
7 Arduino Nano(5 Nos)
8 Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3( 5 Nos)
10 GSM/GPRC Sim card module (10 Nos)
11 NodeMCU ESP8266 wifi Module (20 N0s)
12 XBee Modules(10 Nos)
13 Bluetooth Module (5 Nos)
14 Consumable Items (LAN Cable, SD Card, Pen Drive, Micro USB Cable, 5V Chargers etc. )
15 8 Channel 5V Relay Board (10 Nos)
16 4 Pole 20 Amp Contactor – 2 Nos
Computing System
17 Computing System Core i5/16GB/1TB(8 Nos) or higher
18 Wireless router – 2 nos (3000 each)