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Miss. Poonam Modi

Designation: Assistant Professor
Email ID: mail_poonam2002@yahoo.com
Department: Applied Mechanics

I am currently working as an Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics Department, L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad affiliated to Gujarat Technological University. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (2002) and Master’s Degree in Civil –CASAD (2004) from L.D. College of Engineering affiliated to Gujarat University. I have been engaged in teaching Concrete technology, Strength of materials, Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete structures, Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete and Steel structures, Structural Engineering, Advanced Solid Mechanics. I am currently pursuing PhD from Gujarat Technological University. My major area of interest is in developing Sustainable Construction Material by utilizing industrial by-products or other landfill wastes which can effectively replace the conventional energy intensive building materials. Prior to my association with academics, I was working as a Senior Structural Engineer in the leading consultancy firms of Ahmedabad. During this period of 9 years as a structural engineer I had successfully completed the analysis, design and detailing works of different types of residential, industrial and commercial structures and other structures such as pumping stations, intake well, pump houses. I worked as a Project Manager in Mott MacDonald - a global consulting firm of British origin. My responsibilities as project manager included managing various Design and Detailing works for Large Water Utilities Projects such as Maputo Water supply rehabilitation project, Villufushi Sewerage system and ground water recharge under the Tsunami Recovery Program to name a few. During my stint as an Academician, I have published about 17 research papers at National and International level, Book on Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures (PHI) , mentored both graduate and post-graduate project works and I am actively involved in the consultancy and material testing works taken up by the department in college. I am currently mentoring a Project under the aegis of Student Start up and Innovation Policy ( SSIP) entitled " Building Material Preforms using Mining Waste". This Start up has been approved a Financial Assistance of 80,000/- rupees grant as expenditure duly sanctioned by SSIP Scrutiny Committee of the Institute. I have a Patent filed with Application Number 201921024323 on 19th June 2019.The publication date of the patent in Patent Journal ( U/S 11A) is 25th September 2020. The Patent entitled " Sand-Free Unfired Bricks and Manufacturing method thereof" has been granted for the term of 20 years from the 19th day of June 2019 on 26.7.21 in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970.

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