LD@75 Outreach

What makes a university or institute powerful? The resources? We believe it is the
ideas, which stem from the people who study or teach in an institute. There is no doubt that
L. D. College of Engineering attracts the nation's best minds.

'FOSS Programming Club' aims to strengthen the weak areas as compared to global
students of computer sciences. One of it is `Competitive Coding`.

`Competitive Coding`, very frankly is a sport and enlists all benefits of it, namely keeping the
brain alert and active.

Though these are the areas we prioritize this year, our vision enlists stimulating the
young minds to think of new ideas and beat them to death. We wish to create an
environment which encourages students to take up challenges in the subject, and more
importantly have a culture of completing them, which at the ground level involves having
more than a prototype; a product along with a documentation.

Central to all stated above is creating a work culture where we guide the students
towards methodically finding a solution to their problems and coming up with results rather
than dropping good ideas.

Activities organized by the club can be broadly organized into Development (Web
Development, Open Source, Game/App Development) and programming contests. Lecture
series are regularly taken on algorithms, web hijacking, game development and android app
development platforms. Club has different sub parts like the “Algorithms Interests Group”
and “Developer’s Group”. Apart from activities for its members, club also develops various
applications to be used by the campus and college Fest.

During summers, FOSS Programming Club offers a variety of projects to the first
year students. It acts as a great learning experience for them as well as exposes them to
software development. It has kept an archive of projects previously offered so that students
can build above them. Lectures on algorithmic programming are taken throughout the
semester as well as in the summer. Weekend Programming Contests are held regularly at its
own online judge to increase the interest of students in competitive programming as well as
to improve their practice.