LD@75 Outreach

A Collegiate club is a nursery of equalization in student members evaluating knowledge enrichment & networking with industry professionals. It provides continuity to engineering education and provides exposure to industrial operating environment and working conditions.

SAE India Collegiate Club – L.D.C.E. is the college club under SAE India organization and is one of the largest clubs of its kind with 190+ members from Mechanical and Automobile engineering departments of our college.

Motto: Learning By Doing

The club organizes various seminars (competition orientation programs), workshops (Engine Assembly and Dis-assembly, Automotive Mechanics and IC Engines), industrial visits (ARAI-Automotive Research Association of India, BRTS Workshop, ST Workshop) and interactive programs (Auto Passionate Quiz) as well as national level design event (EGVC 2014) which are related to automotive field and they enhance the concepts of sound engineering.

EGVC - ""Eco Green Vehicle Challenge"" 2014 was the competition organized for the futurists’ diploma-degree performing UG programs to give them a platform to implement their sound engineering skills to design and build an eco green vehicle taking into consideration various environment safety issues.
Various teams from all over India worked out their design and manufactured vehicles based on different concepts to bring about a change in the automotive eco vehicle industry.

The Club members get exposure by participating in the following National Level Inter-Collegiate Design Series Competitions;
1. SAE India Competitions
SAE NIS Efficycle(2013 and 2014), SAE Baja(2010 to 2016) and SAE Supra(2013)
2. Delta Inc. Competitions
Baja Student India(2016)and Formula Design Challenge(2015 and 2016)
3. ASME Competition
HPVC-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge(2014)
4. Elite Techno Group
Elite Karting- Go Karting Event(2015)