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  • BE Sem-IV Remeidal Exam Schedule

    BE Sem-IV Remeidal Exam Schedule

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  • ME Sem-3 Mid Sem Exam Schedule (Odd Term 2023-24)

  • Mid Sem Exam Sem-5 & Sem-7

  • Mid Sem Exam Schedule for ME Sem-3

  • Instructions for Newly Admitted Students

    Kindly read all instructions and follow it properly.

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  • BE Sem-1 & Sem-2 Remedial Exam Schedule and Seating Arrangement

  • YouTube Video links of Various Topics

    follow below link or download pdf file containing the link to refer collection of YouTube videos and other Study Material created by faculty of Mechanical Dept. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vk6a9bHSl_RPYNOM5VsYkAmw10T2jIQpbPtxi8k7gcY/edit?usp=sharing

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  • ME Sem-2 Remedial Exam Schedule Jun-2022

  • BE Sem 1-2 Internal Backlog/Remedial Mid Sem Exam Schedule

  • BE Sem 2 Regular Mid Sem Exam Schedule Jun-2022