Dr. Himanshu Patel

Email ID: dr.prof.hcpatel@ldce.ac.in
Department: General
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I have worked on numerical modelling of some problems related to lubrication. The study of the effect of surface roughness incorporated in my PhD work suggests to carry out the effect of roughness at the nano scale on the performance of various types of bearings (particularly, circular plates, circular step, annular plates etc.). It will be interesting to analyse the effect of longitudinal surface roughness on the bearing systems encountered in my work. Some of my students have started the work in this direction. It will be highly appealing to investigate the effect of longitudinal roughness on the performance of the polymer coated bearings working with magnetic fluid lubricant. The analyses involved in the modelling of roughness and the related information indicate that the above mentioned problems may be considered in almost all forms of the bearings. This field of investigation is an area in which research frontiers may be developed in various directions. I am interested to meet the people who may have same interest.


  • L D College of Engineering

  • Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

  • L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad

  • Directorate of Technical Education, Gandhinagar

  • Government Engineering College, Patan

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  • Gujarat Council on Science and Technology, DST, Gujarat

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  • Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Chandkheda

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  • Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University

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