Principal G. P. Vadodaria

Rubber Technology is a specialized field of science that comprises of the study of transformation of rubbers or elastomers into useful products. It also focuses on the processing of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, processing of latex and so on. It provides Rubber Engineering Technology students with a diversified background that includes advanced coursework in the mixing and testing of rubber compounds for industry standards, the processing of rubber compounds into finished products that meet customer requirements, product and mold design and materials selection and properties.

The tremendously mounting use of automobiles enhanced the use of rubber in industries and has made rubber technology a lucrative career option. The rubber industry in India has much scope and growth is still being made in its paraphernalia. Not only in India but countries abroad as well are in dire need of experts in this field.

Under Graduate/Post Graduate Courses

Name of Course Type Period (Years) Intake Year of Starting
Rubber Technology UG 4 30 1983
Rubber Technology PG 2 18 2011


  • Basic Rubber Science Lab
  • Rubber Technology Lab
  • Latex Technology Lab
  • Rubber Engineering
  • Natural Rubber Science and Technology
  • Rubber Compounding Materials
  • Latex Processing & its Applications
  • Rubber Rheology
  • Vulcanisation
  • Textile Metal & Reinforcement of Elastomers
  • Rubber Compound Product Testing
  • Characterization of rubber
  • Synthetic Rubbers
  • Thermoplastics Elastomers & polymer Blends
  • Rubber Equipment Design- I & II
  • Polymer Kinetics Lab
  • Rubber Adhesion & Adhesion Science Lab
  • Rubber Products Manufacturing Lab
  • Tyre & Tube Technology Lab
  • Automation & Control in Rubber Industries
  • Rubber Product & Process Computer Aided Design Lab