LD@75 Outreach

Activities under ED Cell in collaboration with CED

Sr No Activity Date Expert / Location No of Benificiaries Remark
1 Study abroad after changing scenario of covid pandemic 01-10-2021 Mr. Mukesh Nagar & Mrs. Varsha Khatnani
AECC Global, Ahmedabad
125 For students of all departments
2 Career Guidance Talk 17-07-2021 Mr. Paresh Vasani, Entrepreneur
Captain Adhir Patel, Indian Nevy
Mr. Dilip Rana, I.A.S.
150 For students of all departments
3 Entrepreneurship Awareness Program 10-03-2021 Mr. Parth Dave (CED) 50 For students of all departments
4 Successful Entrepreneur Talk 30-09-2019 Mr. Ujjvalsinh Bihola 50 ManticLabs Web Solutions Private Limited
5 Entrepreneurship Awareness Program 27-07-2019 Darshit Bhatt Asst. Project Leader 38 For final year and pre-final year students of various departments
6 Successful Entrepreneur Talk 19-03-2019 Mr. Nikunj Thakkar 21 Expert is entrepreneur at DataOne Innovation Lab
7 Faculty Development Program at EDII - Gandhinagar 25-02-2019
EDII - Gandhinagar 1 Prof. Hetal A. Joshiara - Computer Engineering
8 Faculty Development Program at ICECD Bopal 02-01-2019
ICECD - Bopal 2 Prof. Anal D. Bhatt - Rubber Technology
Prof. D. V. Bihola - Textile Technology
9 Entrepreneurship Awareness Program 07-07-2018 Mr. Sanjay Jaiswal at LDCE 29 For students of all departments
10 Entrepreneurship Awareness Program 16-04-2018 Mr. Sandip Patel at LDCE 35 For students of all departments
11 Training of Trainer (ToT) at CED Naroda 23-01-2018 CED - Naroda 4 Faculty members present in one day session
12 FDP at CED gandhinagar 11-05-2015
CED - Gandhinagar 6 Faculty members attended the FDP
13 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 05-02-2014
At LDCE 75 GGP (50) and LD (25) students