Principal G. P. Vadodaria

The department of Applied Mechanics, a vital offshoot of Civil Engineering program at L.D.C.E. Applied Mechanics can be defined as the practical application of the behavior of physical bodies when subjected to forces or displacements and the subsequent effect of the bodies on their environment. Pretty much all engineering disciplines directly or indirectly rely on applied mechanics.

Applied Mechanics engineers have quite a wide horizon as far as job opportunities are concerned. They may land up with core civil jobs or if they go for further studies, can get into specialized applied mechanics jobs. All in all there lies an entrée of opportunities in this field of engineering ranging from basic civil jobs to advanced and multifaceted jobs.

Under Graduate/Post Graduate Courses

Name of Course Type Period (Years) Intake Year of Starting
Computer Aided Structure Analysis & Design PG 2 25 1986
Geotechnical Engineering PG 2 18 2011