LD@75 Outreach

The Innovator Club of L.D. College of Engineering was founded by one of the alumni of our college Mr. Roshan Rawal on 23rd February 2017. Innovator club was founded to inculcate an environment of innovation amongst students and to enable them to generate new ideas and become more innovative. Aim of the club is to encourage students to take part in different types of activities by which they can improvise their mindset and keep up with the growing world. The club conducts activities in different domains like Technology, Professionalism, and culturism to evolve into a better individual.

Vision & Goal
The vision of the club is to create an atmosphere of self learning and self development for the students of our college and to ingrain the technical as well as non technical skills in the students through various activities and programs. Our goal is to enhance the technical skill, improve team working and communication skills of students. We provide resources for the application of their ideas and to foster their innovative thinking.

Signature Events of INNOVATOR CLUB:
IRADA:- A National level tech-fest, major highlights of this fest are INNOVICHAR (Talk-show), INNOVATHON (Hackathon) and 50+ events from different domains. It was initiated by our president Mr. Nayan Savaliya. www.iradafestldce.com
INNOVATHON:- A National level hackathon which is being organised every year since 2019. In which students of different states provide the best possible solution to real life industry based problems.
INNO-SPARK:- A state level quiz competition organised to spark the light of knowledge among students.
INNO-VICHAR:- A National level Talk-show in which eminent speakers from different regions share their expertise to the students.
The Entrepreneurs show- It's being organised specially to encourage students about start-ups. A perfect guide for every startup enthusiastic.
Hour Of Code- The "Hour of Code" is an initiative taken by our club where in the members from the club visit different schools and teach them various types of skills and conduct sessions to shape their future better.
Dell Futurist- DELL Futurist was organised by the club on 8th september 2017.The event focused on “Vlogging” and “Gaming” as a career.
Workshops- The Club successfully hosted many workshops on c, python, java language, creativity, cloud computing for the students of all the departments of Engineering.
Industrial Visits- The Club has done many industrial visits like at ISRO, PRL, Nidhi polymer and Design Demo Day at VGEC.